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July 31 2015


Effective Free PSN Codes Methods - The Basics

The advancement in game development is at its peak, and game console manufacturers are racing against the other to seize the largest lead regarding share of the market, especially this holiday season. My previous articles have discussed the pros and cons of Nintendo Wii, along with the good and bad points of Xbox 360. This article will be showing you the advantages and disadvantages how to get a free playstation network code of Playstation, which will help you, decide the most effective console that may perfectly fit your gaming habit.

When you open your browser for the Ps3 it will stock up the PlayStation home page. The triangle button is the key for a browsing because it holds your entire options within browsing. You can add bookmarks for your favourite sites for handier browsing and page opening, merely press the start button and type inside the site's URL and also the site you need to visit will probably be displayed. Press the triangle button and select the bookmarks option, then select my bookmarks after which select enhance bookmarks. There is a quicker option to bookmark though, if your page opens press the select button along with your bookmarks will open, then just help to increase bookmarks, simple.

The playstation 3 slim wireless controller can perform via blue tooth connection. Gone are the days in which you use a lot of wire connections to perform the action console as well as your handset. With ps3 slim wireless controller you can free easily and freedom to advance while you are playing as well as it can be wireless, you'll be able to sit anywhere you want without any hassle.

You may also fear on your child's safety and consoles safety while browsing the world wide web. Sony have provided you with an internet security option. You can get a 90 day free trial version of this option then purchase if you believe necessary. This security is produced by Trend micro and might stop viruses and bugs from the console, additionally, it may block certain sites from being accessed that you do not would like children accessing. To get the security just click the triangle button, select browser security then select Trend micro for PS3. You can then buy your 90-day free trial. For this I would recommend reading the fine print as well as the FAQs to discover if this describes ideal for you.

When you outline your system to sony, they could require about six weeks or maybe more so they can diagnose your condition, correct it, and send it to you. Along with this, they erase your entire hard drive data plus they charge you up to 200 dollars...yes you heard me correctly...200 DOLLARS. So let me understand this straight Jonathan, you're telling me when I don't intentionally do anything whatsoever to break my system, get an error code and want to remedy it, I have to pay 200...that's exactly what I'm saying! I don't realize that fair whatsoever especially after the majority of the systems cost which range from 200 to 400 dollars alone no telling once this error may occur.

July 27 2015


Exploration adventure Submerged surfaces on PS4 5th August

G'day from Australia! Ed Orman here again, and I'm very excited to be able to finally announce that Submerged is coming to your PlayStation 4 on 5th August! And to kick things off, for a limited time PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% discount on the game starting at launch.

Submerged is a third-person combat-free game in which you explore a mysterious flooded city and discover the beauty of desolation in vast outdoor environments. You take on the role of Miku, a young girl who has brought her wounded brother to the city in their small fishing boat.


Navigate the flooded city streets by boat, scale the drowned buildings, and use your telescope to scour the city for the supplies needed to save your dying sibling. As you explore the city at your own pace, you encounter the habitat that flourishes in this colourful place and discover hidden objects that piece together the story of a broken world and a broken family.

Submerged won Best Audio at this year's Freeplay Festival, largely due to the beautiful musical score provided by BAFTA-Award Winner Jeff Van Dyck. And Unreal Engine 4 lets us make the game visually stunning, so we're really looking forward to finally having it in player's hands.

See you in August!

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